Maj-Britt Wiggh


About me:

I am living 130 km north of Stockholm. I have published six novels. I am also teaching Creative Writing. Available at Facebook or mail:











My fourth novel Nattens biologi, The Biology of the Night" has been reviewed in English, but not translated.  2003-2 













2008. "Jaget och fåglarna". (Me and the Birds.) A female birdwatchers journey, her passion and obsession with birds. The whole story might be a lie. Birds are used as metaphors in philosophy, politics, psychology.



2011."Herr Anue Mal" (Mister Anue Mal"). A naked man/ape is found in Stockholm. He is taken to court. Who is he, what has he done? His father was killed by bush meat hunters. Is he a victim of Freud's concept libido? A story about nature and culture. 













My first three novels made upp a trilogy- "Månsådd", Havsskörd","Vindbud". ("Moon Sown", Sea Harvest", "Wind Message". ) The story takes place in Scandinavian Iron Age. It's about love, madness, superstition, wars. Blood and sacrifies.

After this trilogy I spent 11 years developing my writing in another direction. More literary.