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About me:

I am living 130 km north of Stockholm. I have published seven novels. All books from Lejd Publishing House are still available to buy at the market. 

I am also teaching Creative Writing.





2021, Lejd Publishing House:

"I Julia Pastranas namn"

 ”In the name of Julia Pastrana” is a novel about living in our time, living in two worlds at the same time. Our smaller, personal and immediate world coexists and evolves together with the wider world  where we are fed images and sounds from faraway places. The novel is about the right to a dignified life by giving voice and vindication to Julia Pastrana. Our bodies and the planet are exploited ruthlessly. The funnel leading into the abyss is very real. But at the same time so is Paradise, a place in the countryside where we can grow our own vegetables and acquire a cow, small acts of resistance while species are driven to extinction with ever increasing speed and children play in antibiotic poisoned rivers. To escape by fleeing up into a tree can sometimes seem the only right thing to do. 

Introduction of the review in Dagens Nyheter, published 16th of March 2021: 

"Words that open eyes to reality.

Maj-Britt Wiggh's new novel is to a large extent about worry concerning the state of the world. But it is also about the 'ape woman' Julia Pastrana. It is profoundly original and an eye-opening book according to Ingrid Elam."

(Dagens Nyheter or DN is Sweden's leading morning newspaper. Ingrid Elam is considered to be one of leading book reviewers.)

The review:

DN.pdf (44.29KB)
DN.pdf (44.29KB)


2011, Lejd Publishing House:

"Herr Anue Mal" ("Mister Anue Mal"). A naked man/ape is found in Stockholm. He is taken to court. Who is he, what has he done? His father was killed by bush meat hunters. Is he a victim of Freud's concept libido? A story about nature and culture. 



2008, Lejd Publishing House:

 "Jaget och fåglarna". ("Me and the Birds") A female birdwatchers journey, her passion and obsession with birds. The whole story might be a lie. Birds are used as metaphors in philosophy, politics, psychology.

2003, Lejd Publishing House:

"Nattens biologi" ("The Biology of the Night") has been reviewed in English, but not translated to English.  2003-2 







1989-1992, Bonnier Publishing House:

My first three novels made upp a trilogy- "Månsådd", Havsskörd","Vindbud". ("Moon Sown", Sea Harvest", "Wind Message". ) The story takes place in Scandinavian Iron Age. It's about love, madness, superstition, wars. Blood and sacrifices.

After this trilogy I spent 11 years developing my writing in another direction. (More literary.)




 Review: "Mister Anue Mal", 24th of May 2011